Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Life as We Never Expect It

Sometimes, life throws us a curve ball. You don't expect it. You don't get time to plan for it. You don't know what to do once it happens. It messes up your plans (oh, is that why I never blog any more?) and drives you, well, insane. But would it be life any other way?

I'm a senior in high school now. I've applied to colleges, I'm working on scholarships, I'm trying to balance school and work and what has become my pathetic social life. It's become a stressful, crazy rollercoaster ride lately. And to my friends, my parents, my boyfriend and everyone else around me who've had to put up with me, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

But I'm not trying to depress you and cast the world into a dark, dreary, 'everything sucks' light. It is true that at time life just plain sucks. But what defines us more than how we handle conflict and challenges? Let me tell you. Nothing. Sometimes, you're gonna make people angry. Sometimes, you're going to disappoint people. You're going to elate and offend, intimidate and inspire. You're going to evoke all sorts of emotion in all sorts of people. And that's not a bad thing. One day you may say to your neighbor, "I like your hair" You thought you were being sweet and sincere. She took an hour trying to get it right, hates it, and thinks you are mocking her. That's not your fault. If things turned out exactly as you intended them every single time life would be an awfully boring place.

What I'm trying to say here is this: Things aren't always gonna turn out as you plan, but you might as well make the best of them. That's luck right there. The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason teaches us this. Luck is not finding five dollars in the parking lot or that necklace you lost last week under the dresser. Luck is in opportunities. Luck is having a friend who will come at the drop of the hat to help you in the Concession Stand. Luck is having parents who say go for it all and we'll be right there behind you. Luck is having a boyfriend who loves me unconditionally even when I'm, well, a jerk about things. Luck is in opportunities we seize the minute the appear for we will lose them if we procrastinate but a second. So, in every sense of the word, I am lucky.

We only live once. Why should we waste our time pouting and fretting over what new surprise, what new upset is going to pop up next? If we constantly lived in fear of some crazy accident or incident messing up our carefully laid plans? We'd get nowhere. We'd meet no one. We'd be awfully lonely and unhappy. So, seize life by the horns, take it as it comes and live spontaneously. There's really no other way to do it.