Thursday, November 5, 2009

Part One: Rock 'em-Sock 'em Siblings

I've shot snide comments at an argumentative school mate who was less than fond of me, I've snapped my crude criticisms at a teacher who was unhappy with my behavior. I've gone toe-to-toe with ex girlfriends, and I've glared into the face of an angry, disappointed parent...yet those experiences seem almost docile when I look back at the torment and hell my sister and I have put each other through.

Siblings fight? What? When? Never! It couldn't be!...Yup, I'm sure anyone with a sibling of their own will agree that it ain't easy gettin' by. It starts young, with stealing each others toys and bonking each other on the head with your rattles, and it never gets easier. You get a little older and the fights evolve into who wants to watch what on tv and who was on the computer for longer than they were supposed to be. Even when your nearing adulthood and thinking maybe you've matured out of those silly conflicts, think again my friend. Who out there has fought over who gets to use your parents car?

I'd say siblings who are a little closer in age are walking on a little thinner ice. Personalities clash, and emotions are never matching. I'm sure many out there know what it feels like to be in a sucky mood and roll your eyes as a sibling rushes into the room smiling and singing and being all...well, happy. It's frustrating; you just want them to go away and shut up so you can sulk in peace. And I'm also sure many of you out there are guilty, like me, of the whole 'I really am just being annoying right now because I know it pisses you off,' situation. It makes a little sense if you look at it objectively - you live with someone their whole life and you get to know them quite well. You know what makes them mad, and you know their attitudes. You become familiar with certain symbols that might mean they are in a bad mood. Also, your perspective - of how they feel - becomes a little more general. If you just meet someone, your not going to act stupid or say something insulting, because you'd be worried about what they think of you or if they are going to dislike you. With siblings, your stuck with em, so what the hell, right? They've seen you at your worsts, and you've seen theirs. You have dirt that could get them grounded for life, and they have the same on you. Pissing each other off and hating each others' gut along the way is just a given.

There are just inevitable truths in life. If you eat one chip, you're going to eat another. If you're running late, you're going to get stuck behind a slow driver. If you have a sibling, you're going to fight.


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