Friday, September 16, 2011

Fringe Vanilla and Cream Cheese Crescent Roll Bars

I don't win things. I'm sure you've heard someone say that before. But it's true. Raffles. Giveaways. Contests. Sports. Ok, maybe occasionally sports. Or maybe not. But that's not the point. The point is... It was my name, MINE, that she posted. My email to which she sent that fateful message. Alright, alright I might be just a tad melodramatic here. But how can you not be when you win a bottle of pure vanilla extract? Yes indeed folks. I WON!!! WHOO! Ahem. Excuse me. The lovely Fringegirl Tricia from The Domestic Fringe hosted a wonderful giveaway on her blog for a bottle of her very own Fringe Vanilla. I highly encourage you to check out her blog. She's fabulous!

So, when I received my bottle of premium quality Fringe Vanilla I, of course had to whip it out and bake!

...Or just smell it for a while. Come on. Everyone does this. Right? ...Right?

So! Step one for creamy, crescenty goodness. Gather the follow ingredients: Two packages of crescent roll dough, two packages (8 ounces each) of cream cheese, one beaten egg, one cup of sugar, brown sugar, and of course, vanilla.

Gather like so. Step 2! Cream cheese, sugar, egg and vanilla all go into a mixing bowl... And then you mix it. Duh. You know what else is fabulous about this recipe? It's the first one I made using my new kitchen aid stand mixer!! I love it. It's great. I got it for like, twenty bucks and it's practically brand new. Love.Love.Love.

Step three: Get brother to open crescent roll packages 'cause jeepers they're scary when they like pop open. No, this is actually a step. If there is anyone else in the house, I will make them open these things. Biscuits, pizza dough, crescent rolls... they're really scary.

Nice work, bro. I couldn't have done it without you. Seriously.

Step four: Take one package of crescent dough and lay it in the bottom of a greased 9x13 pan. You could prolly do this in a 9x9 or whatever size pan you had on hand. This is sorta tricky as the dough sometimes tear or doesn't line up well, but just squish it around until it covers the entire bottom.

Step five: Use your spatula and get the cream cheese mixture onto the base layer of dough. Try and make it an even layer but if you eat a few finger-fulls... I'm not telling.

Step six: Layer the second package of dough over top of the filling. This can be pretty tricky but you just gotta fumble through it until you find a way that'll work for you. It's not too hard.

Step seven: Bake for 30 minutes or so. Oh, did I mention your should prolly preheat your oven to 350 degrees? 'Cause you should probably remember to do that. That usually helps. Hm. After it's done in the oven, let it cool. Duh. You don't wanna burn your mouth. And then I throw mine in the fridge 'cause I like mine refrigerated. But if you don't... that's cool. I respect your decision. I think it's a mistake, but I will respect it.

Step eight: After it's chilled in the fridge for... I dunno, a while, cut yourself a slice and enjoy! Ok, maybe two slices.

But seriously. These bars are great. Fringe Vanilla is great. And The Domestic Fringe is really, really great. Like, not just great. Like, so.really.fabulously.amazingly great. Go. Go look. You won't regret it. I promise. :)


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  1. Those look SO good! I want to make some tonight. Thanks for a great recipe. Glad you won. ;-) Even gladder (ya, I know...not a word) you like it!