Sunday, June 24, 2012

Meet Rosie and Other Updates!

Sooo.. yeah. That last post promising more frequent posts... written in November... clearly I held true to that. Ahaha. I'm a horrible human being. So let's do some updates.

The blog will be getting a makeover soon ish. Something a little more fitting. Perhaps a map theme. And hopefully some more posts amirite? :P

I've got a solo trip planned to Puerto Rico for seven days! Whee! I'm so excited. Expect lots of news about that. And if anyone has any advice or tips after visiting there, please feel free to let me know! Or if anyone is gonna be there at the end of July maybe a day trip meet up??

The most important update to inform you guys of... I got a dog!! Everyone meet my little pug, Rosie!

Isn't she just the cutest little pugapillar you've ever seen?? I'm in love with the little girl. There's nothing like coming home to someone who's always excited to see you. And she makes the best cuddle partner. Cuddles whenever I want! Yeah, yeah. I'm a little nutty over my dog. But hey, did you see all those wrinkles?? I love her.

So this time I'm actually gonna try and keep up with my posts. We're gonna shoot for at least one a week. And I'm really gonna try hard. It's gonna be like my... June 24th Resolution. That's a thing right?


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