Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Facebook, Myspace, and Other Ways to Show the World What We're Up To

Facebook. Myspace. Twitter. Plurk. Oh, the ways to share what we're doing, when we're doing it, what we did last weekend, and just how illegal it was. Yes. That's right I said illegal. From drinking underage, to smoking marijuana, to vandalizing property, someone in the group always has a camera. And for some reason they always think it's a great idea to take and post pictures of exactly what's going on.

This is, in fact, an absolutely, really, very, incredibly, ginormously stupid idea. And yet, people still do it. Why? Well, I can't really say as I don't drink, smoke, vandalize or do anything that illegal. But I can certainly take a guess. It's because we're proud of it. Yup. That's right. We feel like big damn heroes doing something illegal and not getting caught. But, the fact of the matter is, you will be soon paying the price for it.

I'm talking about potential employers or cops. Yup. Nowadays, when it's so easy to just pop online and facebook stalk a person for five minutes, employers are seeing what goes on in a potential employees personal life. Not only can they see if you're an avid party-goer, but they can also see how you talk and respond to people. If he's a total jerk online, chances are, he's probably gonna be a jerk to the customers or even the boss (although, probably behind his back).

Anyways. I'm just saying that teens, you should really set your profiles to private where only people you want to see your page can. And you should probably un-tag yourself from those pictures from the party last weekend where you won beer pong three games in a row. In fact, skip the parties and do something meaningful with your life other than killing brain cells and drinking empty calories.

Parents, try to get your kids to at least think about this sort of thing. While they may not go out every weekend doing illegal acts and being a delinquent, posting all sorts of things may give an employer, a college, the police, or really anyone the wrong idea. And remember, folks. Never let your kid give out their address, credit card number, or any sensitive personal information out on the web. Safety first, after all.


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