Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Drive Thru Curiosities

I am currently employed at a Quick Service Restaurant. What's Quick Service? Quick service doesn't start making your food until you order it. Fast Food? Fast food makes the food ahead of time and then leaves it under a heat lamp until it exceeds its hold time. Clearly your life has been improved by that little tidbit. ;)


I've been at my job for 1 year and 5 months. That makes me a veteran. So I find myself rotating between the more difficult stations in the restaurant typically. The first position is Set. That's where we take the food the kitchen staff makes and then sends down the appropriate chute and put it into the proper bags or onto the trays with the proper side items, condiments, and utensils. The second position is First Mate. This person takes money, hands out drinks and custards, and parks cars appropriately in the drive thru. The last position is Captain. Captain is the order taker and drink and custard maker for the drive thru speed team. Needless to say I get my fair share on all three. And after this nice long winded intro, I give to you the entirely true stories of a drive thru Captain.

"Hi, thanks for choosing [restaurant], this is Spencer, how may I help you?"
"Yeah, I'll have a double deluxe basket please."
"And what would you like to drink with that?"
"Cheese curds."
"I'm sorry but cheese curds aren't a drink."
"Oh. Really? Well I'll have a pepsi then."
"Hi, thanks for choosing [restaurant], this is Spencer, how may I help you?"
"Hi Spencer! My name is Margo!"
"Well hello Margo, how are you doing today?"
"I'm really good! Thanks! Do you want to be friends?"
"Margo, that would really make my night awesome. I definitely would like to be friends."
"Oh, I'm so glad. I was worried you'd say no. Anyways. I'll have a kids cheeseburger meal..."
"What size shakes do you guys have?"
"We have a short, medium and a tall size for all of our shakes."
"You only have two sizes?"
"No, we have three sizes. Short, medium, and tall."
"What's tall?"
"Tall is our largest shake size."
"Yes, I want a shake! What sizes do you have?"
"We have three sizes of shake. A short size. A medium size. And a tall size."
"Oh. You do have shakes don't you?"

Classic, huh?

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