Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weird Stuff my Dog Eats

Have you heard of Dog Shaming? It's pretty funny. You can check it out over here. Basically, you take a picture of your naughty dog with a shameful sign saying what naughty thing they've gotten into now.


Some days I think Rosie could have her own site.

But instead I'll just make a list of the odd things she's eaten in the last few weeks. I try to stop her, believe me I do.

Weird stuff my dog eats:

-Pomegranate seeds
-Foam ball (only chewed to oblivion)
-Grass. So much grass.
-A bajillion or so of those little helicopter tree seeds
-Snotty kleenex
- 1/4 full Dr Pepper bottle (mostly just spilled all over my car mats)
-Carrot (but just one, and she won't eat any after that one time)
-Cheddar Cheese Rice Crisp snacks stolen from my backpack
-Pizza crust nabbed from the box on the table that is 3 feet off the ground (Still have no clue how she dragged the box down)
-Pack of graham crackers
-Hobo sock (Nasty sock that mysteriously appeared in our yard, managed to get her to drop it AFTER she brought it in the house)
-More grass.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is only the abridged version. Lucky she's so cute and has a stomach made of titanium huh?


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