Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wreck this Journal? Art Never Sounded so Delightfully Destructive

You ever hear of a book called Rosie the Pug Goes on an Entire Day Behaving? Strangely, we haven't either. What can we say? Sometimes pugs and their humans just have to do a little wandering, a little toy snatching, and a not so little second and third breakfast eating.

Have you ever heard of Wreck this Journal? It's by Keri Smith but it's not a story. It was one thing on my (apparently) short and frustrating Christmas list this year, and I was delighted to tear off my mother's mistletoe paper to find this book within. The entire point of this journal is to create art by being destructive: something Rosie and I are particularly fond of.

Each page contains instructions on someway to alter the book. Here are some of the pages I'm really looking forward to.

Sounds like a blast, no?  As my journal continues to be evolve, I'll show all of you the progress on it. So far, not so much. But as soon as I can, I'm gonna start dropping it off of high places and collecting fruit stickers and using the book as a shoe.

Wanna get your own Wreck this Journal? No problem! You can find it on Amazon right [here] for a very reasonable price.


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