Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Because What Girl Doesn't Want to be Spoiled?

With Christmas and winter decorations abound in stores across the country, the beginning of the holiday season has arrived. That's right. We thought it couldn't get any longer and yet here, mid-October, giant blow up snow men and reindeer color large sections of many retail stores. But, my topic today does not just deal with the general gift giving season. No, today we will just be dealing with gifts and girls. A dangerous combination huh? Well, don't you fret when you don't know what her favorite color is or exactly what size of clothing she wears. Buckle your seatbelts, and let's get started.

With every girl I have ever encountered there seems to be a common theme among gifts. And among this theme, I have managed to pick out 5 gifts that, when given appropriately and with taste, will make you a winner any day.

     1. Candy.
          Yeah. Candy. Show me a girl who doesn't love chocolate and I will show you a world with some very super severe problems. She's a vegan? Try finding a recipe online. Anything home made earns you bonus points. Lactose intolerant? Try a fruity type of candy. Weight conscious? Try low sugar, sugar free, or a hard candy with a small amount of calories.

     2. Perfume
          Ah. This is just one of this gifts that gives back. You'll always be able to tell when she's wearing it. She'll come to associate the smell with you. And you can choose exactly the kind of scent that you love. Be careful though. You don't want to upset aforementioned girl. She may assume that you think she smells bad and needs to really use a heavy amount of perfume. A gift should never be insulting.

     3. Jewelry
          We like shiny things. It sounds quite demeaning but it's very true. There's no better feeling than when someone sees the gorgeous necklace given by your significant other strung around your neck. The people who notice it may think it's cheesy and cliche, but hey, there's a reason it's cliche. 'Cause it's sweet and thoughtful and meaningful. Even if it isn't shiny. Maybe it's one of those rings pops or a candy necklace. Still jewelry, still fun. :)
     4. Candy.
          What? What do you mean I already said this one? Well. That's just because it's true. As much as we don't want to gain an extra pound or two, chocolate is filled with endorphins. Endorphins are a chemical that is proven to improve one's mood. We like being happy. Happy is made by endorphins. Endorphins are in candy. Get where I'm going with this?

     5. Clothes
          Now. This can be a very dangerous area. Make very sure you know the girls style. And even more make sure you know her size. Getting a size too small will make her feel fat and getting a size too large will make her think you think she's fat. It's still probably safe to grab a gift receipt . And tell her that it's ok if she doesn't like it. Every girl loves new clothes. But we really love new clothes that we're actually gonna wear. If youre not sure, go to her friends. They'll know her size and her taste.

All in all, we're pretty easy to please. Any gift will show that you at least care enough to go and take the time to think about her likes and dislikes. A good gift is a useable gift. If it's something she can use, she'll think of you everytime she does. When in doubt, play spy and go to her friends. They'll know her best. They'll know her likes and dislikes and wants and needs. A little help is no big deal, even if you have to take them shopping with you to pick something out. Just be thoughtful. The best gift we could ever receive is your love and support. I happen to have an amazing boy who gives me both. He's more than I could ever ask for. :)


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