Saturday, October 17, 2009

Remember the good old days, when I had a life?

Isn't it nice to just be able to go home after school and throw in your favorite movie, lay back, eat some chips? Sleep late on the weekends and do whatever you want; it's nice, isn't it?...I wish. If you have that, enjoy it while it lasts. I wish I had. Seems like it's been years since I've slept past 9:30...and I am NOT a morning person.

I've developed a hate...hate relationship with my job. Teens, be selective about the job you pick. Be picky. I'm sure if you are desperately searching for a job someone along the line has told you you cant be picky...that's bull. Take it from me, find a job that you absolutely hate, and you will drive yourself crazy dreading going to work every day. I can say I am a prime example of one who has been through a job or two that I've hated. Want to know how I spent my weeks? Monday: oh God, only four more days before I have to go back to that hell hole. Tuesday: oh God, only three more days before I have to go back to that hell hole. I want to die. get the picture. I'm just saying, be picky if you can. It will make life such a brighter place to be. Of course, I know quite a few people who have incredible will power to stay with possibly the worst jobs. You may find you are one of those people.

Are you searching for a job? Well, say goodbye to free time. I'm a busy kid as it is. I have sports practice everyday after school, almost year round. At the moment I'm in the thick of filling out college applications, which is not at all a quick finish. I'm a writer who, sadly, has not had time to write for months. By no stretch of the imagination do I have time for a job. But of course I have expenses; how can I not have a job? So, i find time to work my measly one shift per week, on the outside celebrating for extra hours when they come, while on the inside I mourn the fact that my last shred of free time has been given up to sell movie tickets. Sadly, for two weekends in a row now, due to last minute changes in my work schedule, plans of mine have been either ruined or stunted. But that's life. That's what having a job means. Responsibility, whether you want it or not. Are you ready?

You have no clue how many times I've heard something along the lines of 'oh, the paycheck will make it all worth it.' HAHA! Let's travel back, shall we, to the part where i said I have time for one shift per week. That makes for a lousy paycheck. Sure, sure, bottom line is I'm getting paid, and I honestly cannot survive without paychecks, no matter how pathetic - as Im sure is true for many teens - but convincing yourself over and over that the paycheck is the only reason you stick gets tiring. So take a nice long look at that 'now hiring' sign. Consider. I'm only saying, be smart, be picky about where you take on a job. If you are busy on week days, dont apply at a store closed on weekends. If you have a sporting event every saturday morning, dont apply at a resterunt looking for extra saturday breakfast help. Think to yourself, will you be able to fit in work? Once you have the job you will quickly realize you dont fit in time for work. You fit in time for life around work. It'll be better for you to realize that before hand.

Hey, I may try to help, but I know only what goes on in my life. Maybe you are the type of person who is unfazed by tedious, annoying work that would drive me crazy. Maybe you absolutely need a job, and you dont have a choice. I'll tell you this: jobs are frustrating. Work There's no escaping that. But every two weeks I have that envelope put in my hands and, as much as i may complain, that one little slip of paper is what I rely on. Bottom line - you got to do what you got to do. All I'm here for is to try my best to let you know what you're getting yourself into; it's up to you to do the rest.

So, think about what you're doing, make sure you're ready to work, lose time, cancel plans, be frustrated. But hey, if you're ready for all that, I'm sure you're darn ready for that paycheck. So, look around, find a place that suits you...and have fun with those applications!


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