Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just to give you an idea...

So, folks, you've probably noticed that posts by Spencer and myself have become a bit more spaced out in the last few months, a bit fewer and further between. hey, we try, ok? Not to make excuses, but we both lead extremely busy lives as a high school Junior and Senior. And yeah, of course there are those of you out there thinking "Jeesh, you're kids. how busy could you possibly be that you cant it down at write for a few minutes?" You want to know how busy I am? Alright. I thought I'd turn this post into a bit of a project. For the past week i recorded everything I had to do each day so you folks could see just what I'm talking about.

MONDAY - Woken up at 7:30 by my mom for school. Fun fun. Somewhere between my 90 minue classes I had to find time to begin editing a video for a class project. Caught a lucky break and got to leave school 45 minutes early for a very important college interveiw (went well!), ate a quick, cheap fast-food dinner before having a rare 3 hours to spend with my girl :).
I finally got home at 10 pm, at which point I began research on Heinrich Himmler (not a nice guy) for yet another project. I finally collapsed from exhaustion around 12:30.

TUESDAY - Woke up at 7:15 (early for me) and spent 30 minutes looking for my english novel. In school, had to - once again - spend my one, tiny, pathetic 20 minute break editing that video, after which I took 2 hour-long tests and watched Supernanny. yay for stupid classes. Had a physically exhausting practice for 2.5 hours, spent another hour working on the video, and then went into the school concession stand to help out furing the varsity basketball game. Home at 9:15. From there I worked on submissions to literary agencies for 2 hours and did a bit more research on mr. Himmler. Turns out in one weeks time I get to give a 15 minute speech on this guy. Finally fell asleep watching TV at 2:30. Hm, missing anything? Oh yeah. Dinner = quick sandwich at 9:30. Mmm, mmm, good.

WEDNESDAY - What a day. Woke up at 7:30 and could hardly open my eye. Lucky me, all my contact solution is at another house. 10 minute drive to the other house, and then 20 minutes back and forth to grab the key I forgot in the first place. I go about my day with one contact in (harder than it sounds, folks. I have a vision correct of about -8. For those of you who dont know, thats baaaaaaad!). Got to school 15 minutes late.
School went relatively smoothly. 2.5 hour practice, after which I locked myself in a classroom for 3 hours of video editing. At school until 9. Dinner 9eaten alone0 was left over lasagna at 9:30 during an episode of AFV (watched alone). Then - surprise - back to assembling a presentation for my 15 minute speech. Around 2 I fell asleep whil taking notes.

THURSDAY - Woke up (roughly 7:30) with spiral indents on my face from the notebook zi fell asleep on. Thank God I actually made it school on time. Sadly, I spent both my short break and my lunch period editing my video, had to leave school for one class period to finish up other random bits of work, and then back to another 2.5 hour practice. Another 3 hours of editing, one short hour at la casa de mi novia (girlfriend), home by 10. Dinner was...non existant. half a snadwich at about 7, the other half at 10:30 witha bag of doritos and a powerade. Got in another 30 minutes of research and finally began writing out a speech outline. I'm quite behind schedule but...hell, when am i ever on schedule?! Fell asleep while working (again), woke up about midnight, ate some fruit snacks, and fell back asleep.

FRIDAY - Woke up a little ahead of schedule and actually made it to school early for once. Day went by rather smoothly. Spent 10 minutes of my lunch period and finally finished that video. Woohoo. Practice was quick. 2 hours, rather than 2.5. The next 4 hours, though, were spent in the concession stand again for the basketball game. Another spare hour to relax finally. Between waking up at 7 and getting home at midnight, I ate a whopping one slice of store bought frozen pizza and a pack of mambas. Joy. At 12:30 I had a bowl of pasta alone in the dark while rying to motivate myself to get to work on my speech. never happened. Fell asleep at the computer around 1:30.

SATURDAY - Muahaha! All thos days I missed out on eating dinner...well, I made up for them today. I got up at 7:30 (yes, 7:30 on a saturday) for breakfast witha friend. Ihop = yum! Bought a new jacket (my girlfriend thinks mine is pathetic). Around noon I met a friend at subway and ate a 6 inch. At 12:30 I wnt back to town to return my new jacket thanks to a very large rip in the sleeve. While there, I ate lunch ate Arbys. Haha I just hit up all the best restaurants in one day. I stopped at the bank quick and got home at right about 3. Had just enough time to shower before friends started showing up. For the next few hours myself and a few friends made utter fools of ourselves strapped to snowboards, after which we stopped (about 9:30 pm) for a late dinner. Ihop again! Just when it looked like I was going to have a totally trouble free day. my friend's car key snaps clean in half in his car door. So, about 11 oclock at night, at least an hour from home, we had to sit in the cold and wait for help. I got home around 12:45 and was alseep within 5 minutes. Didnt even bother taking off my jacket.

SUNDAY - Up around 9 oclock and realized my room loocked like it had just been hit by a hurricane. Guess i should clean it, huh?
Went in to work at noon and stood basically in one spot for the next 6 long, boring hours. After work I stopped by to see that girlfriend of mine again to see if she could fix my computer. Stupid computers with stupid viruses. Ate some spaghettios for dinner and went home by 10. Worked on my speech for about 2 hours. All in all, pretty slow, down paced day. That, my friends, is rare.

Now, did you notice how long that was? It s because Im just that busy. heck, I spent almost 60 hours just in the school building this week. Who wants to do that?! I'd really rather not! Not once throughout the whole week did I have an actual meal. So...yeah, I'm just taking life as it comes to me, and at the moment its just been coming kinda fast paced.

I know there are those of you out there who know what tghis feels like, and those of you out there just waiting for a time when you can feel like you'd rather rip out your eyes and play ping pong with them than work for another minute. Yeah, just wait. when that time does come, though, all I can say is...good luck


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