Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year's Resolution

December was not a great month for me. As you might have noticed, I blogged a grand total of zero times. December was a month filled with long nights in the concession stand, hours of time after school, a bajillion assignments to finish, shopping to get done, people to see, places to go, and a million more things on my to-do list. So it goes, unfortunately. But now, it's January 1st and time to start a whole new year. A year that's bound to filled with new frustrations, elations, and all the times in between. It's also time for New Year's Resolutions.

I'll be honest. I have already messed up my resolution. And I say that with a smile on my face. I have decided to take on a project that will last me 365 days. Or thereabouts. I want to take a picture everyday around the same time from a particular spot on my road. The view is simply gorgeous. I plan on then stringing all of these picture together in some animation program. "But why?" You ask. Simple. 'Cause I want to. Now, I know it's the first day of the new year and I shoulda started my resolution out strong. Well, I didn't go take the picture. Can you blame me? Up until 5 in the morning with the most beautiful amazingest friends a girl can have, wake up a little before ten, have to clean up after it all, just kinda want to lay in bed for a while.

"So then, why are you smiling about this? You messed up and it hasn't even been 24 hours!" Well, that one isn't quite as easy to explain. I've run into my fair share of difficulties since school started. Things have been more than just hectic and crazy and mentally exhausting. But through it all, I've found everything is better if you just take a deep breath and keep smiling. And that's become my other New Year's Resolution. To smile no matter what challenges I face. I know I will surely fail that one. It's quite impossible to smile all the time. But the part that matters is that I try. And if I try, I know that things will still seem better even if I only smile for a little while before I have an utter break down.

A new motto has come into my life. "Our true color is happy." You might think it sounds a little cheesy. But it will always remind me that no matter how upset I get, with all those special people around me, loving me, supporting me, I'll always be happy underneath it all. I just gotta dig deep to find it sometimes. But I know there's someone out there who will always be able to find it for me. ;)

If there's one thing I would like to say to the very few readers of this blog, it's to make smiling your resolution this year. Who cares if you cheat on your diet or don't learn that new language. What really matters, is that you're happy. So, my challenge to you, is to be happy even when things suck. Things will get better. The sun will shine again and the rain clouds will blow away. You just gotta stick it out and keep smiling.


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  1. Ilove your comments, Spencer. My general feeling is my day will happen whether I'm in good mood or bad mood. So far I have found that a bad mood has never improved anything for me so I choose the good mood. So color me happy too!