Saturday, January 2, 2010

You can call this one whatever you'd like :)

Oofda, it's been a while, folks. You still remember who I am, right? Yeah, Ive been busy with quite a few things in the last month, and sadly, writing has gotten pushed to the side...well, in a sense.

Ive been putting an awful lot of work into a particular project of mine in the past month, and its becoming quite stressing and time consuming. One thing you may not have known about me - I'm a writer. Yes, obviously I write for this blog...but literally, I'm a writer. I'm in the midst of taking steps to have my first novel published (cross your fingers for me).

So, a little under three years ago I sat down at my computer and just started typing. For basically a whole summer I just sat at that desk, type type type, and about a year and one rewrite later I had myself a manuscript. Now, I do a lot of reading and I had seen so many times authors talk about the long process of writing a book and all the bajillions of rewrites they've had to do and yadda yadda, and I - 15 years old - was sitting there thinking, "What the heck are these fools talking about? It can't be that hard to be a world renowned author - if these pansies coudl do it so can I."...Well, I sent it out to a publisher. And then another, and another, and a few literary agents here and there. And then a few more. I quickly found out how the life of a writer erally goes. The few replies I got were all very generic, "You are just not right for us," and none were positive. The one positive reply I have gotten turned out to be a very poor reputative agency I should never have submited to in the first place.

Well, I got the idea after a while and began my rewrites, and then had friends, parents, teachers edit my work for me...and the story goes on from there. The point is, when i was 15 it was so, so obvious to me that being a rich, famous author was the only thing i was going to do with my loief. years later now, I'm hardly optimistic in that area. Having my work published is now a dream, rather than an inevitable truth. Making a living on writing seems like a miracle that almost cannot happen. Yet, I have absolutely no intention of doing anything else. I may very much be shooting myself in the foot for my entire life, and I am not ignorant of the fact that I'm probably looking at a very bland life, pending a best seller - keep those fingers crossed :) - but thats a far cry from certain, or even likely...

....but what about the upside? Well, here it is. I'd be doing what I love to do moe than almost anything else. Now, if i have to stick with a career for the rest of my life, why not try to make it with something that I would be more than happy to do every day, something that would make me happy to do? It's not the safest road, but it would be my road. Now, I know current economic situations might be teaching us to play it safe, go for a job where there are opportunities and high paying salaries. Folks, listen to me. If your willing to be a little risky, I encourage you to ask yourself what you would really love to do with your life. Remember when you were a kid and you had that dream job? Why not go for it? I'm telling you, this is the one time you get to live your life. There are no do-overs. Why not make the best of it while you got it?

I'm definitely not saying you should throw your entire lief away on some super unrealistic fantasy, of course. I'm just saying, sometimes it pays off to be a little risky. You might not have the security and nice, expensive house in the suburbs, but you'll be happy with what you're doing. An hell, maybe you'll get luck and have both :).

So, whatever you choose to do, the best of luck to you! I know I'll certainly be in need of some.


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