Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to School: The Outfit Blues

Well. It's Monday. My last day of freedom. So far I've spent it pretty well. Hanging out with my boyfriend, watching movies, and just trying to relax. But still. I have school. Tomorrow. I don't have anything to wear. Well. That's not true. I have lots of clothes to wear. I just don't have anything to wear.

I like to look nice. Even if I'm feeling absolutely terrible I try not to look like I was hit by a semi-frozen steak several times. Even more so, I like to make good first impressions. I don't care that I've had all these teachers before and I've been with these same 74 other students for going on twelve years. That doesn't really matter to me. I want to show them I'm not a slob. I do care about what people think of me. I want to show them that maybe I'm not the person they remembered.

I'm not one of those girls who goes out and gets a whole new wardrobe for a new year of school. I've been the same size for the last two years so I really only buy new clothes when I have to replace old worn out ones. I don't particularly understand those girls. You've already got a closet full of clothes that you've worn maybe three or four times. Why don't you just pair it with a different pair of jeans some cute bangles and call it a whole new outfit? Instead it's banished to the back of the closet and given a dirty look every time it sees daylight. If you're not gonna wear it, donate it! I love shopping at Goodwill and other Thriftstores. It's a great way to get awesome clothes for cheap. And if you're not into the buying, donating your clothes is a great way for a family tight on money to buy nice clothes for themselves. Just clean out your closet and drop it off!

I still haven't decided. I thought... skirt? No. That seems too goody-goody. So... Jeans. Ripped, dark wash, faded? Probably a lighter pair. Maybe the one with the small hole. Tennis shoes. But the shirt... So many choices... And the hair! Oh... the hair. It's gonna be a long evening of trying on outfit after outfit, folks. The things we do to feel pretty.

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