Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Fun House Mirror Effect

That's right folks! Step right on up for the Fun House Mirrors! See yourself in all sorts of kooky, crazy, zany ways! That's right, Miss, see how huge that zit on your forehead is? And dear, just look at how the mirror emphasizes your round tush. That's right folks! Step right up and be the next distorted victim of The Fun House Mirror Effect!

That's right everyone. Today we'll be discussing self-image and why we all feel the need to put ourselves down about it. Let's start with some confessions. Yes, I do occasionally call myself ugly. Yes, I sometimes cannot stand the way I look. No, my hair rarely does what I want it to. No, that zit will not disappear no matter how many times I close my eyes and wish it to be. No, I'm not super-model gorgeous. No, I don't have a problem with that. Woah! Woah! Stop the presses, alert the media, call the police! This girl does not want to be that pretty. Talk about high maintenance.

One little zit, one little fly away, a little frizz, or puffy eyes and look out world! The queen of too much caked on make-up and not enough self esteem is out to play today. Why do we feel the need to blow these small beauty problems out of proportion? They happen to everyone. And, while they certainly aren't going to attract a flock of fanboys, it's not going to act as guy repellent. So, what's the big deal? Why do we have to down ourselves and tell the mirror image that today is going to be a bad day and that you're ugly and no one loves you? Heebie jeebies, someone hit that woman with the hammer of self-confidence!

Maybe it's not about impressing Him (and yes, in the mind of teenage girl, that special boy deserves the capital 'H'). Maybe it's about reassuring ourselves. Reassuring ourselves that we do look good, and we are pretty just like ours mom said. But we can't trust ourselves can we? So, instead we decide that we need to cake on pound after pound of make-up and hide who we truly are.

What happened to the days of putting on our frilliest dress and being pretty? What happened to the days of being sunburned everywhere and being pretty? What happened to the days of our mom's braiding our hair and we were pretty? What happened to the days of running around in nothing but a swimsuit for hours and being pretty? What happened to the days of people telling us we were pretty, cute, adorable, beautiful, gorgeous, breath-taking, lovely, stunning and we believed them?

Go find a mirror. Yeah, right now. I don't care if it's a little handheld mirror or a full length kinda thing, just do it. Now look at yourself. Instead of focusing on all the flaws and things you wish you could change, name five things you like about yourself or you think is pretty. It sounds dumb, cliche, whatever. Just do it. Now, I want you took look yourself in the eye repeat after me and no finger crossing! "I am gorgeous. I am so [uh-oh] pretty. I don't care who says I'm not. I am and always will be the hottest thing on the block." I definitely agree. Haha. Now. Go treat yourself to that candy bar or bowl of ice cream you've been craving 'cause girl, you deserve it for being so darn good looking!



  1. This is an awesome point of view. It tells me that you are comfortable with yourself, no matter the circumstances ~ good for you! You go Girl ~ I wish I'd had that attitude prior to age 47! You rock.

  2. Great blog, Spencer! I love your writing style. Some great messages in your latest post...yes you are all pretty!!!

  3. Great attitude! Self esteem is a huge issue for people at any age. I'm so impressed that you are figuring it all out so soon. It took me a *really* long time.

    I'll look forward to your next post.

  4. This is awesome! I totally agree with you!