Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm a Teenager, Not a Doctor

Hello, Readers. So. I was thinking (Yes, contrary to popular belief, teens actually do that occasionally). You've been sitting here listening to me blather on about topics that might not concern you. Or perhaps they do concern you but you'd rather hear about a different topic. Or maybe you'd just have a question about why your teen does what he or she does. So, today's post isn't going to be about anything. In fact, it's your turn to do some of the work (though one can hardly call it that). Comment below with any questions you'd like answered or any topics you'd like covered.

Asking for a little help or guidance is never a bad thing. Besides, it's the internet. No one need ever know you didn't know how to handle something. Just act like it was all you. ;) Remember. When dealing with your teen in any situation there are four words to live by; calm, collected, reasonable, and loving. Can't wait to see your questions. :)



  1. So ill kind of get the ball rolling. Id like to hear your thoughts and views on food. My daughter is very picky about carbs and calories and i dont really know if i should encourage this or not. help!

  2. Hi Spencer, I work for a University and just hired a few students to work for me this semester. I'm curious to know you and your friends thoughts on your digital presence. Most people believe that your generation is far more comfortable releasing their personal information to the world. Before I interviewed any students I googled them, and poured over their facebooks pages (including the photos of underage drinking). Do students realize that their potential employers are doing this kind of research? And if so, why do they leave these things open to the public?