Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"She is such a (uh-oh)!!"

So, tonight I spent at least six hours watching movies and laughing with friends who I hadn't seen all summer. After a little while of chatting and gossip-spilling, we finally decided on a movie. For anyone who hasn't watched He's Just Not That Into You, I highly recommend it. It tells the stories of multiple women going through a bunch of common relationship problems. One woman's husband cheats on her, another is just looking for love, and another's boyfriend just doesn't believe in marriage while she wants nothing more.

At one point, we were all busily yelling expletives at the blonde chic who convinces the husband to cheat. Moments later, one of my friends exclaims "I hate girls! I hate, hate, hate girls!" Everyone eagerly chirped their agreement. But why? What is it about ourselves that drives the rest of our half of the population absolutely insane? Does no one realize that the very people issuing this judgment are, in fact, girls themselves?

Why? I don't understand it in the slightest and yet I find myself agreeing with them. Am I jealous of them? Am I stereotyping and labeling them all as 'trouble'? Or, maybe, I see them doing the same cruel actions I might've once done that I hate myself for. But why should that make me hate girls? All girls? It seems unfair that I should generalize like this. But I can't stop myself. Does this make me a horrible person? I don't know.

The rest of my night has been full of reflection and quiet thought. Though, I can't say I've gotten much of anywhere. In fact, it's brought about more questions than answers. I was unsuccessful in reaching a conclusion behind the thought process and topic of tonight's blog. But, something tells me that I may never understand this part of my own brain. And strangely, I'm okay with that. Somethings are better left unknown.


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